More than a billion people worldwide use Gmail. More than 100 million people have the Gmail app installed on their mobile phone.

The average age of Gmail user is 31 and as many as 24% of people use Gmail during working hours or as their work e-mail. 


Users trust Gmail and use it.

Therefore, Gmail advertising is a great tool to reach your customers.

Ads are shown to the user upon logging in to Gmail account. First, a small, brief ad is shown. 

If the customer gets interested and clicks on it, a full newsletter-size ad is opened. 

Advertisers only pay for the initial click.

Cost per click starts at just

 0.01 £!

Having opened the full version of the ad, the user may click on the links, watch a video, fill in the inquiry form, forward an ad to a friend or perform some other useful action at no cost to the advertiser!

The main advantages of Gmail advertising are a wide variety of advertising forms and extensive customization options. The ads may contain offers of specific products, video presentations, inquiry or survey forms or simply call to action buttons. 

The uploaded ads are automatically adapted by Gmail for all screen sizes,

which is great because as many as


regularly check their e-mail on their mobile phones.

The users who will be shown the ad may be selected according to their interests, demographics, keywords related to the advertised product or simply target customersGmail address or remarketing lists on hand.

Gmail advertising is fully integrated with Ads reports and Google Analytics; therefore, the impact of advertising on website traffic and sales can be easily viewed.

1. Exclusive ad formats

2. Large target audience

3. Traceability of impact 

create excellent results of Google advertising and new opportunities for your business.